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Contractors & Suppliers

DISCLAIMER: Below are contractors who have performed services for Scotty Hollow Condominium Trust or were referred to us by individual homeowners who have utilized them.


Scotty Hollow Condominium Trust does not guarantee their workmanship.

Air Conditioner
Handman Tools

A/C & Heat (original installers):
Lamco: 978-649-3868

Air Condition Maintence:

Jay Tur at Vently Air


Appliance Recyclers:


Carpentry, Skylight & Patio Doors Replacements:
John Gass: 603-557-3065
Allan MacLeod: 617-901-4761

Chris Brown: 339-277-9077

Chimney Repair/Inspection:
    Tewksbury Chimney Sweep

Steve: 978-851-2477


Lyle Carter



Electrician/Smoke Detector Repairs/Replacements:

Crowe Electric:



HUB Insurance:

Office Link

Contact: John Piazza phone is 978-657-5100

Duct Cleaning Company:

Resident Review:

Just finally found the duct cleaning company that I used in the past. I'll tell you that when the guy showed me the vacuum bag before the job and then showed it to me at the end I was impressed. Be sure to ask for the spray in the duct, it kills bacteria and viruses.

Hope it helps

Garage Door Replacements:
Pelham Building Supply:

         Chelmsford Garage Door 115 Elm St, Chelmsford MA 978-256-7039


Interior Painting:
David Miller: 603-219-6916


Mailbox Lock Replacement/Locksmith:
       Contact your local post office some branches are offering lock replacement to owner.

Oden Barter Interior Auto Detail Service.

Vacuum, shampoo, and interior clean.

The price depends upon the size of the vehicle and condition of the vehicle. 

Call  978-726-2189

Vently Air:

Air duct and dryer vent cleaners:  


Stanley Steamer

Contact number: 800-783-3637 


Nashoba Air & Boiler Works  

For heating and air conditioning

Littleton Ma


Nashoba Heating and Cooling

Westford Ma.



Personal and business computer repair.

Home Network setup and repair.

Build custom computers for personal, business, and gaming.

 Contact Mark Barter at 781-367-3970

Windows, Doors, Decks, and Patio Doors:
        Wilmington Window and Door

(978) 658-9825


Installer of Harvey Brand, Majesty line windows:

Dracut Window and Doors  

Contact: Steve Roger - 978-423-4494

Storm Doors:


Plumber at Work
Stacks of Windows

Door and Window Specifications

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